Milky Way over Shenandoah (re-edit) by by_shan

This is a 2×6 Pano stitch, I posted the original version 3 months ago here; at the time I wasn’t 100% happy with the edit as there was visible vignette along the stiching border from the 14mm wide angle. Finally got some time to re-edit it.. Changes are subtle but I am happy with the end results. Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy. Please press “M” to see the image in better quality.

Leave me a comment or two so I can get back to you, your works are great inspirations to me, my dear friends! and happy holidays!

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Under the Milky Way by by_shan

Thanks for viewing.. Hope you enjoy.

This is a single Milky Way shot, I flipped it horizontally cause I kind of like the position better, hope you find it somewhat different too 🙂

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Starry Eyed by Shainblum

The stars aligned for me on this night and after a week of fogged in coastline, I finally got an opportunity to see the Milky Way over Shark Fin Cove. The neon light you see in the distance is from fishing boats and the warm light to the left is from Santa Cruz. It was an amazing night, I hope you all enjoy the photo.

This image is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. I never had the opportunity to meet him. But I very much considered him a friend. Our online conversations always left me laughing and smiling. A year ago he passed away from Melanoma. We all hold him in our hearts.

Please click this link to support Jeff and Melanoma Research Foundation.

memorial page set up in Jeff’s honor

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Milky Way over Shenandoah by by_shan

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy. Please press “M” to see the image in better quality.

Went stargazing yesterday. New moon, Perseid meteor shower and cloudless skies, couldn’t ask for a better condition. Milky way was the clearest I ever saw.

This is a 2×6 Pano, I will likely rework this image at some point as I wanted to rework some of the vignette shown

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孤獨的夜晚 (one lonely night) by by_shan

Chasing Milky Way alone in the middle of no where was such a solitary and awesome experience. Under the Milky Way sky and billions of bright stars, the feelings inside me were small, insignificant, quiet, peaceful, and excitement; I can’t wait to go back again!

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy….! Please press “M” for better quality.

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Lost in Thought by Shainblum

*Best viewed on black!*

I am sure there are a few technical questions to be answered, so I will address how the photo was taken for a moment.

This image is an 85MM photograph of the Galactic Core rising behind a lone tree on a hill. The tree is on top of a hill and I am standing at the bottom, giving me the ability to move around and plan the exact position to catch the Galaxy rising in the right spot. Also giving me the ability to get a clean Milky Way rising right above the horizon without a ton of light pollution. The image is a mix of two different photos, one 50 second photo taken of the Galaxy. Which uses a star tracker device that follows the stars and allows you to take long exposures without star blur. Then the 2nd photo is 50 secounds without the star tracker for the tree and the hill. The positioning of the Milky Way has been left natural to what I viewed in person. These photos were taken no more then 1 -2 minutes apart. Currently to take an image like this in one exposure and retain this amount of quality is not possible. In a few years it will most likely be possible, due to the development of better high iso sensitivity cameras. I actually took this image over a year ago and have been working really hard tweaking the colors and deciding what I wanted to say about the image. Its a difficult image to describe and I know there will most likely be some disconnect with the photo, even after reading this description. But thanks for checking it out!

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