~ Misty Winter mood ~ by jmatz

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~ Sailing under the Stars ~ by jmatz

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Lost in a Dream… by WaynePinkston

Hoodoos in the Valley of Dreams East, in the Badlands region of NW New Mexico.

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Double Arch by WaynePinkston

This is a nighttime view of Double Arch in Arches National Park, Utah,USA. For scale there is a person in front the arch with a headlamp on. The arch is huge, and actually the person in magnified a bit since he is standing in front of the arch. Hope you enjoy!

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The Low View by WaynePinkston

This is Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills of California, a common spot for photographers. I decided to give this site a try at night, and while working another photographer walked up named John. We had an enjoyable night shooting, and then he climbed down into a cleft in the rocks and took some photos, and suggested I do the same. You can see the edge of the cleft in the bottom middle of the photo. It seemed a strange angle, but when i climber down into the fissure, it was a good angle. With the tripod straddling the fissure I got a couple of good shots. Thanks John!

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Dreaming… by WaynePinkston

Valley of Dreams in the New Mexico Badlands

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Starry Temple by wildlifemoments

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Panoramic of the milky way arch at the Temple of Antas, Sardinia, 10 shots. The Temple of Antas is an ancient Carthaginian-Roman temple in the town of Fluminimaggiore, southern Sardinia.

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