Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. by FranciscoGarciaRios

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Another shot of the ruins of the old and abandoned cement plant facilities in Pozo Cañada (Albacete, Spain), this time showing its ruined large storage hall and its loading docks, which resembles that of a post-apocalyptic “steapunk” temple under the starry night.

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Otra toma de las ruinas de las instalaciones de la vieja cementera abandonada en Pozo Cañada (Albacete), en esta ocasión mostrando la ruinosa gran nave de almacenamiento y el suyo muelle de carga, que asemeja el de un postapocalíptico retrofuturista templo bajo la noche estrellada.

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Last Paddler by PaulZizkaPhoto

Extending the Canadian paddling season in style – under the aurora. An absolutely perfect night in the mountains: a touch of moonlight, the mountains dressed up in white, “warm” temperatures and the northern lights dancing above!

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A view to a dream by BenCoffman

Matt Newman and I did a little exploring on the southern Oregon coast this fall, and we wound up back at this well-photographed location. The skies along this section of coast are surprisingly dark, and these little coves especially are difficult to photograph–the shadows just become impenetrably thick. This one took a little more work in post-processing than many of my night shots to draw out a bit of shadow detail.

I’ve announced my 2016 workshops. If you’re interested in photographing Crater Lake under its starry skies, and you want to learn my in-field and post-processing methods, consider joining me this summer: http://ift.tt/22azSm2

Thanks for checking out the photo!

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Light of Night by tadingle

Moonlight gently shines down upon a peaceful Zion night. The Virgin River snakes it’s way through the canyons below, still doing it’s part in shaping this amazing landscape. Stars are visible through the low cloud cover. It was an amazing night.

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Kinderdijk Windmills under the starry sky by SinisaCiglenecki

Night photo of operating windmills in Kinderdijk (Netherlands) under the starry sky.

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Shining above the river by GiuseppeTorre

The waterfalls of the river Alcantara under the light of the Milky Way.
A work composed by 8 stitched pictures.

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Hasta la vista by Carlosmacr

Dedicated to my good friend Jesús, who yesterday left the island, where he spent last 5 years and with whom i shared very nice moments.

Thanks for your visit and have a nice weekend.


Dedicada a mi gran amigo Jesús, que ayer se despedía de la isla después de 5 años por aquí y con quien pasé grandes momentos.

Gracias por tu visita y que tengas buen fin de semana.

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One Night in Zebraland V (colour version) by Kulmiyes_Safariland

“One Night in Zebraland V” (colour version)
The fifth piece of my “One Night in Zebraland” Series.
Have you ever dreamed of a land of wonderful wild animals?

[ This is a post-edited composite. Blended two of my pictures into one:
(1) A milky way shot taken in Sweetwaters as the background and
(2) A herd of Grevy’s Zebras taken in Buffalo Springs, Kenya. ]

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