The Spirit of Tibet II by AlisterBenn

This is an image I made back in 2012 while leading a private workshops to the Tibetan regions of SW China.

It’s a favourite of mine and I have decided to rework it in light of the advances in processing capabilities.

These mountains of the Himalaya have a remarkable pull to them, you can’t stop looking at them and often I stay awake long into the night just sitting quietly to experience those moments for as long as I can.

This image is actually taken from a very comfortable hotel at 3400m/10000 feet that looks right across the valley to these incredible peaks. Probably the easiest view of the Himalaya 🙂

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Just arrived by OscarKeserciPhotography

Milky way image taken in Rhodes,Greece at summer.
Happy new year to all of you!

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Northern lights by FrankOlsen

This panoramic picture is put together from 9 vertical photos. It was a perfect December night. Cold, crisp air. Dead still sea, giving perfect reflection. The northern lights curved nicely above the mountain ridge.
This is also a very wide picture, over 8000 px. Well suited for large prints

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