Novice Monk in Thailand by SasinTipchai

Novice Monk in Thailand

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Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, Italy by romanhavlicek

HDR shot of Castel Sant’Angelo taken at Christmas.

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Lion,Kyoto. by PAkDocK

Besides the Palace itself, another beautiful thing about the Imperial Palace in Kyoto is its temples and gardens.

Details, colours, moss…you can almost smell the centuries.
Love the bokeh of the Nokton.

Kyoto, Japan. 2015

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Burning sky by fran4life

This shot was taken during last summer in Rome during an extraordinary hot sunset where the warm wind was moving clouds so fast and just got the sky to turn into this intense firing color. I was enjoying this with my tripod beside me and my camera on top of it. Hope you enjoy it !!

Tripod, multiple exposures blending, Rome – Italy / Best viewed on black – 500px

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Atlas, St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, US by dleiva

Atlas, Rockefella Centre, St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, New York, America.

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Praha IV by demiguel
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