Piercing the Darkness by StefanHefele

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

“Piercing the Darkness” – Northern Norway in a moonlit winternight

Many thanks to all who live this great dream with me and go through all the ups and downs.

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Lothlórien´s Glade by StefanHefele

“Lothlórien´s Glade”

I already have been to my own Lothlórien in early summer. This time I wanted to portrait this special place in a totally different light. At night. I had proper conditions with cold temperatures, a sky with billions of diamonds and no wind for a good mirror. The infinite silence penetrated through all my limbs, transforming the reality into a phantastic landscape.

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The Coronation by StefanHefele

“The Coronation” – A new life is born

The Coronation of life is when you witness how new life is starting to breath. Especially when it´s your own flesh and blood. Three days ago my little daughter came into this crazy world. To her I want to dedicate this very special photo, which I see myself as one of my most inspiring moments ever.

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Starcano by hipydeus

This is Plansee in Austria. I was hoping to capture some shooting stars from the Perseids, but there wasn’t much. It was a bit hazy and also quite a lot of light pollution, but it was an incredible, peaceful scenery nevertheless. A wonderful night at the lake. Check out the Timelapse

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The Twilight Hour by naxid

Shot taken at Kalymnos, Greece in Summer 2015

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Heaven on Earth by StefanHefele

“Heaven on Earth” – Vorarlberg – Austria

When the night fades in and stars are already twinkling in the sky there is some otherworldy light in the air. What here probably looks like a photomanipulation is the rising moon that illuminates the mountain. Nightly alpenglow so to speak :-).


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