STOCKNESS by GabrieleCaredduPhotography

This is the shot that is my last trip around Iceland.
A photographic adventure lasting 15 days, with many difficulties, but the results are truly unique.

This picture is my wish for you guys, did an intense year of ups and downs, for watching and supported.
I gave it my all on this trip and I hope that the results achieved will lead to something good for me.

Happy Holidays,
Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2016.

Questo è lo scatto che rappresenta l’ultimo mio viaggio intorno all’Islanda.
Un’avventura fotografica durata 15 giorni, con tantissime difficoltà, ma con risultati davvero unici.

Questa foto sarà il mio augurio per voi ragazzi, un anno intenso fatto da alti e bassi.
Grazie per avermi seguito e supportato.
Ho dato tutto me stesso in questo viaggio e spero che i risultati raggiunti portino a qualcosa di buono per me.

Buone feste,
Buon Natale,
e Buon Anno!

Ci si rivede nel 2016.

Thank you

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TEMPEST BREWING by EdwinMartinez

TEMPEST BREWING | Stokness, Vestrahorn Iceland 2015

Winter storm clouds were coming in during sunset creating dramatic theatrical lights. It was only a few more minutes before a white out forced us to head back to the bus.

Winter tours in Iceland are like boxed gifts, you will never know what you’ll get. For more information on winter tours please visit –

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