Pine Haven, Wyoming Panoramic Supercell by kellydelay

Here is a 12 image panorama of a amazing supercell moving towards our location in Pine Haven, Wyoming. This was part of my storm chasing collaboration with Von Wong. We were trying to get to Devils Tower a few miles away, but I didn’t want to risk getting ran over from this tornado warned storm. This was one of the best storms of the trip. I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think!

Meta: 12 images shot RAW with my Canon 5D Mark III at 24mm with my RRS PG-02 Pano / Gimbal head. Stitched together in Lightroom CC 2015 and finished in Photoshop CC 2015.

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Another World by MikeOlbinski

Standing here, near Bledsoe, Texas on the night of May 29th…it felt like I had traveled to another planet. The wind, the storm, the lightning…but it was the surreal orange glow everywhere that created this otherworldy mood which I’ll never forget. It was utterly amazing and mesmerizing. One of those moments you wish would never end.

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Springfield Colorado Supercell V2 by kellydelay

Redo of one of my favorite storm chasing images from Springfield, Colorado using luminosity masks within Photoshop CC to bring out detail from the RAW image. I think it represents the scene more realistically. Originally processed as a HDR image using 5 different exposures. I like the new version much better.

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South of Holly by MikeOlbinski

The beauty of storm chasing is seeing structure and organization in clouds that appears unnatural. When you look up and just know…something wicked this way comes.

This was May 24th of this year south of Holly, Colorado. One heck of a day chasing…it started south of Lamar and would end up near Moscow, Kansas before the night was over.

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Blinded by the Light by RogerHill

Incredible lightning strike with a tornado warned storm in northwestern Kansas this past June. The storm was gorgeous to look at and photograph! It went on for several hours as it churned across the Kansas prairies.

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Limon, Colorado by tornadochaser06

Shelf cloud races toward Limon, CO on Aug 17, 2015. This storm produced winds to 65 mph in town and caused decent tree damage.

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