Kaboom! by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Some of the most massive breakers in the world can be seen on the Oregon Coast (USA) when the conditions are just right. This one (taken several days ago) was about 200 feet (61 meters) high. To see it in person is simply astonishing.
 I left the two people on the cliff, in the photo, for scale.

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Thank you very much for looking!


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Pacific Tsunamic Fury by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Violent and extremely chaotic Tsunami-like storm surf pounds the Pacific Coastline on Oregon’s South coastline. An awesome welcome back for me.

The person wearing the yellow rain gear was left in for a sense of scale. He is standing at 100 feet high (over 30 meters). The image was taken just as surf was crashing over us from 100 feet below.

This is a single shot, with almost no processing aside from minor color corrections.

Thank you very much for looking and I hope you enjoy (or are scared by) the image. 🙂

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Limon, Colorado by tornadochaser06

Shelf cloud races toward Limon, CO on Aug 17, 2015. This storm produced winds to 65 mph in town and caused decent tree damage.

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Superstrike by MikeOlbinski

In the wee hours of July 3rd, 2015…I captured what I feel is the most amazing lightning strike of my career. I’m still kind of in a state of disbelief.

Thursday night around 10:30pm, I was about to put my head on my pillow and crash. But I took one last look at the radar before I did and the storms over the Superstitions were getting bigger and I knew I’d regret it if the lightning rolled into town. I was tired, I had to get up at 6:15am to drive to Pine for a shoot, but hey…it’s lightning. Gotta go.

I made it out there a bit after 11pm. The strikes were way back in the mountains and pretty weak for awhile. I started shooting west until the bolts began to look better over this iconic mountain range.

At 12:50am…the heavens opened up and four incredible bolts exploded from the sky and rained down like I’ve never seen before. This is a single, 10-second exposure. No stacking.

This location has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve taken countless photos of sunsets from here, but I’ve always wanted one of lightning from the middle of the road. It’s been something I’ve been after for quite awhile.

But to have a shot like this…is beyond anything I could have possibly dreamed up. The road wet from previous rain and thus reflecting the light beautifully. Even the car feels like it belongs in this scene. And those strikes…such utter and unbelievable power. To capture all of that against the backdrop of the Superstition Mountains…just wow.

When you put in as much work as I do chasing storms…the miles, the hours, the time away from family, the utter exhaustion (like right now, as I never went to bed and am sitting in Pine typing this)…capturing an image like this leaves you without words to describe it.

All I know is I prayed on the way over…please God, give me something awesome tonight. Something incredible.

And…well there you have it. Hope you enjoy.

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after the rain by twoblackcats

We set off in a storm – driving through lightning and floods but by the afternoon it had cleared and we went to Carolside Gardens in the Scottish Borders, which were terrific. Alchemilla – Lady’s mantle.
Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera – only my old Motorola phone.

Carolside Garden
A traditional and romantic garden set in a beautiful 18th century landscape, comprising lawns, shrubberies, mixed borders, a secret garden, a winter garden and an oval walled garden containing herbaceous borders, fruits, vegetables, parterres and a historically important collection of roses that has been carefully assembled over 24 years. Kenneth Cox in his book “Scotland for Gardeners” describes Carolside as “one of Scotland’s finest private gardens”.

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