Bonsai Rock by VictorCarreiro

I’ve been to Lake Tahoe many times but never had the opportunity to visit the so-called Bonsai Rock. I was greeted with some nice stormy weather (a statement only photographer would make). My wife sat behind me enjoying the beauty as I found a composition for this shot.

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Riverside by JeremyDuncan

Another fall color image from 2014. I wasn’t able to get out much this year (2015). Not sure why but I am going to go ahead and blame it on pure laziness.

I wish I could say I hiked for miles to get this shot, but, alas, it is about five feet from my car. However, I never get bored of this area.

Single image. Thanks for looking!

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At Mother Natures Mercy IV by jessiewallace

Another photo from the Canyonlands National Park in Utah. An incredible scene watching the skies open up into streams of rain and streaks of light miles away,

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Inistioge Bridge by intrepidphotos

The bridge in Inistioge is a ten-arch rubble stone classical-style road bridge over river, built 1763, on site of earlier bridge, c.1700. It is It is the only bridge in Europe of its kind, boasting 10 arches of equal size. River Nore, Inistioge, County Kilkenny, Ireland
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