All Hallows Day by StefanHefele

“All Hallows Day” – Augsburger Land – Germany

When the days get dark and foggy and bright fall colors change into russet, a mysterious time begins. A time in which we enjoy to stay inside our home. But it´s even more beautiful to enjoy this feeling after a long walk through changing woods and misty paths.

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Kingdom of Myths by StefanHefele

“Kingdom of Myths” – Carpathians / Slovakia

Most time I´m in search of fog. On my last tour there was no need for searching. I was blessed with dozens of foggy moods. That morning in the colorful carpathian mountains was one of the rare moments we were also able to witness some blue skies.

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La Vallée de Feu by StefanHefele

“La Vallée de Feu” – Hautes Alpes/France

While driving through deep Alpine valleys, a warm haze lies over the mountains. Up above the Valley of Fire, clouds throw up skywards like tongues of fire, while already the night has arrived in the dark mountain forest.


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