In Before the Tide Turns by jasondodd

Finally got around to revisiting Herringfleet Mill for a summer sun set. After two hours of getting drenched from the heavy rain showers and tip toeing around cow “leftovers”, the clouds finally broke and the sun illuminated the incoming rain shower to the left.

Took some pano shots too which I will hopefully start editing at some point next month.

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Southwold Sunrise by jellyfire

One of those mornings where I set off with no idea where to go so inevtitably ended up at Southwold Pier again. I must try and plan ahead more! Nothing very original or exciting, but the first time Ive actually managed to get it with light hitting the pier I think.

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Summer Crescendo by jasondodd

This was one of those moments where you look out the window at early evening then immediately dash to your car and drive off. The location was Dunwich Heath, a place I have visited at least 4 times in the last 3 months but failed to get a decent photo. However this time the colour from the sun set wasn’t completely blocked out.

I had to ditch the car early and sprint half a mile into the reserve to try find a decent composition as the sun was already very close to setting, unfortunately from this angle the clouds overhead has passed out of view but I can live with that.

If I learnt one thing from this experience it’s that I’m badly out of shape…

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Tempest by jellyfire

Shingle Street in Suffolk again. Taken a couple of minutes after the previous shot, and the last one I got before the heavens opened.

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Elements by jellyfire

Had a very summery sunrise at Bawdsey, but as I was heading home a storm started coming in, so took a detour to Shingle Street. Shortly after this amazing cloud appeared, I was caught in the most almighty thunderstorm with driving pea-sized hail and visibility wnet down to about 10ft. Safe to say I got more than a little wet…

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