Royal Headon by nimitvirdi

We were scouring the forest for a glimpse of the big cat with her four sub adult cubs with the help of the sound of the forest as well as the key markers of a tiger’s movement like pug marks, warning calls from their prey, etc. The forest rangers around also speculated their whereabouts but in vain none were sighted. We left the area to a different part of their territory where they were seldom sighted and as soon as we entered the track we got her walking head on and as bold as her mother straight towards us. This is just one of her splendor stride captured with many more to come.

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A morning… by pwaab

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Lyon, sunrise and arrival of the train in the Perrache station around 7 am
An electric futur can produce a possible bright

Un matin…
Lyon, levé du soleil et arrivée du TER dans la gare de Perrache vers 7 heure du matin.
Un futur électrique peut nous réserver des possibles lumineux

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Turquoise Euphoria by cwexplorationphotography

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Here’s an image that I’ve been sitting on for a few months. This has definitely become a personal favorite of mine as I’ve been working through it. Hope you enjoy this more unique view of Spirit Falls as much as I do!

Spirit Falls, WA


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The secret of light by arifunsal

Lake Tuz for most of the year, it is very shallow (approx.0.4 m (1 ft)). During winter part of the salt is dissolved in the fresh water that is introduced to the lake by precipitation and surface runoff (to 32.9% salinity). During the summer the lake dries up exposing an average of 30 cm thick salt layer in August. This mechanism is used as a basis for the process of the salt mines in the lake. The three mines operating in the lake produce 63% of the salt consumed in Turkey

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