Payoff by Pcoskun

While exploring the vast expanses of wildflower covered hills in Northern Arizona, I came to find myself atop a hill with one of the most stunning views I could recall seeing. After shooting a pretty vibrant sunset, I kept pushing myself to get to the top of this hill hoping to time it right with the moonrise. I thought the top would never come into view, but sure enough, I could see the cinder hills in the distance and the glow of the moon creeping above the horizon. I searched for a composition quickly and fired off two shots for depth of field and then switched my lens to capture the moon. This made the moon appear more natural to how I saw this scene in person. The last colors of sunset still lingering in the clouds added to the wonderful display of color found within these hills. The very next morning, I forced myself back atop the hill to catch another beautiful sunrise and carpets of vibrant wildflowers blooming. I find it interesting that I have such a connection with this specific image. One of my very first places I had taken photographs was around sunset crater, which is the mountain you see in the background. Back then, I didn’t come back with any photos I enjoyed. To photograph this scene and see how far I have come in my own work in the short amount of time I have been taking photos was pretty special to me. It inspired me just like the first time I went to make photographs in this area. Anyways, I recently put up a handful of images on my website from this summer. Not quite as dramatic of a series I was hoping for, but I think the diversity of the images and the somewhat subtlety of them make them unique. You can view them on my website here

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