**Granite Bay Beauty** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey all!

Back in June this year I went up to the Noosa National Park to shoot the sunset and I managed to get this long exposure image of the sky lighting up on fire about 30 mins after sunset.

I was up at Granite Bay and I was getting ready to pack up and leave because I thought the sunset was a fizzer when I saw a faint red glow start to appear on the horizon, So I took a few shots and noticed it getting more and more intense.

Quickly found this composition and shot some long exposure images of the fiery red sky and got this one. I just found this on my computer so re-edited it and this is the final image.

I hope you like it, Thanks for looking!

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**Autumn Dreams** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

I took this image of this waterfall in the Buderim Forest Park, Australia around a year ago now.
Playing around with it on Photoshop and I thought it would look cool with a more Autumn style edit on it.
We don’t get awesome Autumn colours here so this image is impossible to capture so that’s where photoshop comes in handy to edit it that style.

Anyway I think it has a nice dreamy feel to it and I hope you enjoy it, Thanks for looking!

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**Not another sunset** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey gang!

Stunning sunset from Coolum Beach, Australia.

Took this image back in June of an absolute ripper of a sunset, Best I’ve ever witnessed.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like this shot.

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Flower Necter by IvanKFox

The feistiest hummingbird in North America. The brilliant orange male and the green-and-orange female Rufous Hummingbird are relentless attackers at flowers and feeders

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**Coolum Beach Stunner** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Well it’s been a week since the epic sunset on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
I still can’t believe how amazing it was but this will probably be the last pic I post of it for a while as I’ve posted a couple already.
Taken last Wednesday at Coolum Beach, Australia.
Here’s a landscape version of the first pic I posted of it, I think I like the landscape one better, the flow in the foreground looks nicer, there’s more of that wicked sky in it too.

Thanks for looking, Enjoy!

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**Sky on Fire** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

The other day on the Sunshine Coast in Australia we were treated to an absolutely INSANE Sunset.
Here’s another shot from the crazy sunset with a different composition then the other shot.

Hope you like it, Thanks for looking!

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