Divergence by eyeofalens

For me personally I feel this is my most powerful image I have yet captured of the Oresund bridge that spans the stretch of water between Sweden & Denmark.
I love how the fog & low laying clouds swallow up the bridge as it disappears across the waters of the Oresund.
Along with contrast of these Sea buckthorns.
New Years day was a productive & invigorating one…so was today 🙂

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Winterless by eyeofalens

Seeing as there has been bugger all snow in the far south of Sweden this Winter thus far, I give you one from last winter from within Bokskogen.
No trolls to be found, maybe after a few of gods nectar, there’s a thought, a midnight run out here searching for them, bound to see all sorts of things with a few Guinness running through the veins 🙂

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Apocalyptic by eyeofalens

Apocalyptic …sleep now in the fire of light & may your dreams of delusional grandeur lead the dark ones bleating pass the blindness…

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Abandoned by eyeofalens

Weather has been abysmal here so nothing but to process some files.
Well there are other things to do, but this is what I’m doing..that might change tomorrow

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Oresund´s Guardian by eyeofalens

Oresund´s Guardian

Whilst I’m waiting for winter to actually arrive here is one from summer.
To think in years long past this water used to freeze a long way out. Last time Id seen this freeze is at least 5 + years .

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Less is more by Tannerstedt

This night something was wrong with the castle. Normally you see the castle from several kilometers when it is illuminated by 1000000…W. But not this night then it was completely blackened I almost missed the turn :P. It was only illuminated by nearby buildings and the city and for the first time it was photograph friendly.

A faint Aurora was also playing on the sky over the city to the right

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Sunday Morning by eyeofalens

Sunday Morning

An image taken on a foggy Sunday morning with my little family at a hidden location that my better half found whilst out with friends one day. Would have liked to have gotten out here with some snow last weekend, but that pretty much washed away overnight.

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