Listen honey! The bees are very busy today! by horazio

Those drones… I’m not sure yet if they’re a blessing or a curse. Anyways… if I check my fb-timeline I get the impression that everyone’s got one (I owned a Phantom 3 Pro too but sold it because I actually didn’t know exactely what to do with it :)). So I had to create something with drones as a main topic.

Was a real pain to put this together in Cinema 4D. It’s basically such a simple image setup but the problem were all those drones. This stupid image almost pushed me over the edge. Well… I really need some pure PS photo-retouching-work now :).

But don’t get me all wrong: This whole 3D-stuff could be sooo cool and funny and it offers boundless possibilities. I say “could” because I think all those tools are not yet ready to bring your creativity to live really really straight forward (in other words those tools are not yet mainstream). You have to dive into a world of workarounds, tricks, special knowhow. You will spend hours and hours sitting in front of your display, waiting for render-results just in order to return to your scene to fix this and that and then to render again. Of course: The more you know about your 3D software the easier it gets. But you will spend sooo much time till you reach a certain level (and it’s almost impossible for hobbyists like me and other ordinary mortals to even get close to something like a state-of-the-art-known-from-movies-and-game-industries-pro-level). This may sound a little frustrated. But actually the contrary is the case… I’m really looking forward to my next 3D project 🙂

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