Rainmaker by ZackClothier

I photographed this large bull moose earlier this fall, in Glacier National Park in Montana. All of the visitor services were closed for the season, leaving the park void of tourists. It felt as though I had the entire place to myself, well, except for this big guy I came across early one morning!

When I found this guy the sun had just come up over the mountains, but was being filtered by some cloud cover to the east, creating some really nice lighting conditions for photography. I watched and photographed him for what must have been an hour or more. He would alternate between browsing the willows along the shore to wading out into the water and diving, looking for the remaining vegetation at the bottom of the lake.

I had just slowly worked my way around the shoreline to get a better angle, being careful not to disturb him, when all of a sudden he decided to shake off in the water. I quickly adjusted to a faster shutter speed to freeze the action and immediately fired off a series of shots, capturing the entire shake from beginning to end. This was one of my favorites from the sequence.

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