Caribbean Dog by dogbreathphotography

I’m baaaaaaack!!! 🙂
I’m breaking the superduper crazy bananapants silence thats floated in over here these past few weeks! The reason for my disappearance?! Photographing in the sparkling, impossibly crystal blue waters of the Caribbean!! I just returned back to the contiguous United States after an unbelievably magical adventure down in the Virgin Islands. Boy oh boy do I ever have stories for you! I cant even pull enough words out of my heart right now to describe what an absolutely incredible experience it all was.

I’m taking these first few days back on US soil to unpack, get my studio/workspace back up and running and to answer all the messages and emails I missed while I was away.

But in the meantime, I just had to quickly pop in and share one of my favorite images of the trip with you. This gorgeous girl is Penny. Penny is a rescued Border Collie/Corgi mix who makes it her full time job to gallivant across the sandy beaches of St. Croix. This girl was absolutely cuckoo for the water – she had us all absolutely cracking up at her playtime antics. Penny was quite proud to show me her turquoise ocean, we swam together as she paddled in relentless happy little circles underneath the tropical sun above us. From time to time, she would swim back to the beach to do a joyful, proper little roll in the sand (hence that fabulous sandy nose!!), and then she’d gleefully bounce right back in the water with me to do it all over again!

If there’s one thing I know from having the opportunity to visit unbelievable places like this – it’s that magic really does exist. And man oh man, I cant describe the gratitude that fills my heart for how incredibly lucky we are to call a planet so beautiful home.

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Surface by mchlptrs

“I don’t think you’re looking far beyond the surface”
I had this photo in my mind for ages before i could take it. The hand touching the surface stands for what everyone sees, but if you look further beyond the surface, you’ll see that there’s often a lot more, although its disfigured an harder to see.

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Forbidden to swim? by Carlosmacr

I made this photomanipulation long time ago… it was one of the first i made and having many mistakes, i loved it and its “little story”. I uploaded about 3 years ago and today i was searching for it in my gallery but didn’t find. I don’t know why it disappeared (probably my fault :)).
Thanks for your visit and wish you all a nice weekend
Hice este fotomontaje hace ya mucho tiempo y creo que fue el primero que hice del cual quedé bastante contento. Tiene unos cuantos fallitos (para los buenos en la materia supongo que darán más el cante), pero me encanta el resultado y “historieta” 🙂
La subí a 500px hace como 3 años y hoy que andaba buscándola no la he encontrado. Supongo que sería en uno de esos cambios que hicieron en la página hace tiempo, de esos con los que te dejan mareado de tantos cambios…. no sé por qué esta situación me suena de hoy mismo :))) En fin, que vuelvo a subirla.
Gracias por tu visita, saludos y buen fin de semana/puente para todos.

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Licks at Sunset by dogbreathphotography

This has been the Summer of sunsets. I’m telling ya, Ive seen more beauty painted across twilight skies over these past 3 months than I can ever remember seeing throughout the whole of my life. It’s been an amazing, amazing season. We’ve gotten the opportunity over here in Dog Breath land to meet, adventure with and love on more gorgeous dogs than I can count! I am so grateful for each and every moment that I was lucky enough to be able to spend under the Summer sun, running amuck and creating all kinds of perfect chaos with happy, bouncing four-leggers of all shapes and sizes by my side. As we wave goodbye to the purples and pinks of Summer – I’m looking forward to the golden oranges and fiery reds of Autumn. With a double booked Fall season coming right up, there are sure to be about a gazillion more absolutely stunning pups coming through your feeds and into your hearts. 🙂

This gorgeous, lick-happy girl right here is sweet Cassidy. Cassidy and her two perfect Pit Bull siblings absolutely rocked their recent session — one of my very favorite shoots of this past Summer! The colors in the sky that night almost brought me to my knees. As the sparkling colors of sunset danced in the air all around us, I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with happiness, joy and gratitude. Cassidy splashed and played in that golden water in front of me as I held my camera to my eye – only pausing for this one moment to look right at me and lick her sweet little snout – as if to say ‘hey lady. less camera. more treats.’ 😛

Farewell to you, gorgeous Summer. Let’s meet again next year, same time, same place! 🙂

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Cooling Off by Harry-Eggens

Tigers are real water lovers and after a long sunny summer day they love to go in to the water for a few minutes to cool off and clean themself a bit.

Again no wildlife shot, but taken in Safari Park „Beekse Bergen” near Tilburg in the Netherlands.

©Harry Eggens

Wish all of you a nice day,


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Relax if you can by Carlosmacr

This is result of playing a little bit a photography i was about to delete but tried to get something better of what it came from the camera. I specially liked those blues tones in the foreground… and somehow liked the result, so i am now uploading it.
Thanks for your visit 🙂
Este es el resultado después de haber estado jugando un poco con una imagen que pensaba en un principio borrar pero con la que me puse a jugar un poco por aquello de darle una oportunidad. El resultado me gustó y por eso la subo. Y, aunque los colores dan quizás un poco el cante, me encantan esos tonos azules del primer plano 🙂

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Jellies by limebluphotography

“When you move like a jellyfish rhyth don’t mean nothing. You go with the flow, you don’t stop. Move like a jellyfish, rhythm means nothing.You go with the flow you don’t stop.”
― Jack Johnson

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