Boy rotate the laces basket water. by Mingmuang

Boy rotate the laces basket water.

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Swing in the Wild by IrfanZaidi

Please press M to view in optimal quality and ideally viewed in Black H. As always all natural light, no reflectors.
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Blue azure by carasionut

Photo manipulation based on my own stock photography


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Breeze in summer by lafuguelogos

Lafugue Logos sets/MacroFluff & feathersLafugue Style~Blue syndrome
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Summer is Coming by AdrianMurray

Perfect focus. This is something we all try to obtain as photographers. However, what if the moment and the focus don’t match up perfectly? Do you discard the image, or do you enjoy it for what it is? My son’s face isn’t in perfect focus here however this is one of my favorite photos of him. The joy on his face while he rides the tire swing I had just setup for him surpasses the technical flaw. The flaw also sets up so the remaining portions of the image come into perfect focus. The expression is clearly visible but as are the splashes in the water beneath him.

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