__Blue Air Wheel__ by Kulpixx

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Lower Lewis River Fall by ChenSu

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Here is a another shot from the recent trip. I have no idea if you can get down to the river when there is plenty of water (anyone tell me?), but with water level extremely low, it is easy to stand in the river and watch the waterfall from this interesting angle.

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Cut Open the Sky by RyanDyar

Namibia Untamed
Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
Processing Tutorial Videos
Processing Instruction via Skype

Sort of a weird comp here, I’ll admit. I for sure didn’t knock this one out of the park, but I was trying to include the little swirl on the left side. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t… I’m too dumb to figure it out! Got some pretty sweet light though, which is good because I’m a half-wit and easily excited over things like colors in the sky and swirly things in the water. I think most people who know me well will agree that I should be wearing a helmet most of the time.

Got some big tours with really cool dudes who don’t wear helmets coming up next year. Marcel Van Oosten was kind enough to honor me with the privilege to lead a tour to Namibia for him next year… I’m guaranteeing it will be epic. Also my good friend Arild Heitmann and I will be leading another crazy tour next March to shoot the Lofoten Islands… it’s always a successful trip. Check out the links above for all the info you need!

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Spring Swirl âť–Tourbillon printannier by blue_iris

There are soooo many flower pictures on 500px, it makes me want to stop taking flower pictures all together. But since I already had taken this one, I thought I should at least show a little creativity in my presentation. Hope you like it.

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