Queen of the Allgäu Alps by TobiasRichter

The Höfats – The Queen of the Allgäu Alps in southern Bavaria is one of the prettiest peaks in Germany and I was really impressed to catch it in this great light.
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Golden Sunset by TobiasRichter

Sunset over the Volterraio and Portoferraio by ManuelMartin1972

What you see here is a view over the Volterraio Castle on the top of the hill in the foreground and the location of Portoferraio in the distance on the left. The Castle is the most ancient fortification on the Island of Elba.

Well, to find this place was not really easy and everything began some couple of days before I made this shot here! We were shopping and while I was waiting that my wife choose a dress, I was looking some nice postcards from the island! And then I saw one amazing shot … a sunset shot from the location above! I said to me … wow, this is amazing … I must find this place during my vacation here!!! In big letters there was also the name „Volterraio“! The next couples of hours I was saying to me all the time „Volterraio, Volterraio, Volterraio…“ till to the next restaurant where I said to the waiter of a restaurant „We want to have a Coke, water, lemonade and for me a beer … and … oh boy, what was the name of that location??? Cuchinaio, Abatraio … something with Aio … DAMN!!! The next few days I was asking everyone I met about an amazing location with a hill and a castle and the sea at sunset … well, all the stuff on the picture! And finally one evening in a restaurant … we wanted to have some pizzas … I found again this name „Volterraio“. The waiter wanted to know what we would like to have for dinner. I told him: „Good evening … well, good that you are here … I have a problem … I’m looking for a place with a hill, and an old castle and in the background there is a city by the sea and everything in a golden light at sunset … and you know … bla bla bla … and please, ask also in the kitchen if anyone knows this place and … bla bla bla … and … ohhhhh, by the way, we would like to have 2 small pizzas Margherita, 1 pizza Salame Piccante, 2 pizzas Prosciutto Crudo, 2 bottles of water and …“. My wife and my sister were watching only to the ground, because they were ashamed of my behavior he he he 🙂 But hey, the chef came out of the kitchen and told me: „My friend, you are very popular in this region with your questions! What you are looking for is Volterraio!“. And he laughed! I was so happy 🙂 I had again the name!

One day later I was in the tourist information office. Well, I got a map with the location market I was looking for. I must tell you that normally in Switzerland where I live I use military maps when I’m on a hike, but here on Elba and without any internet access and no time I had to find this place with a tourist map. You know, this sort of maps like the one of Disneyland, with a big Mickey Mouse on the top left and every famous showplace was market with a big picture on the map! My god, look at which point I have sunk to hike with a Mickey Mouse map!!!!! But I found it he he he 🙂 The hike to this point was also a bit an adventure, but I think I will tell you the story in my next photo of this place! In the meanwhile I hope you like this picture here.

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The green Queen by StefanHefele

“The green Queen” – Höfats – Germany

Beauty is not always easy to achieve. So we are doing many things in life. To reach this viewpoint a long march with thousand of vertical metres was necessary. However, the sweat and the effort evaporates when such a photo is in the box.
The Höfats presents itself like a queen in the blazing early evening light on a warm summer day. Full of devotion the wildflowers seem to bow before their beauty. What a paradise of an idyll.

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A cold morning over Prättigau by ManuelMartin1972

I already posted a similar shot like the one here! In fact that morning when I got up in the middle of the night to make this panoramic view over the valley of Prättigau in Graubünden I made two shots. One shot before the sunrise and this one here just when the sunrise started! And I must admit that I miss the winter when I see this wonderful white thing again! Why? I think it is a combination of tranquility because no one is at this time in the morning at such idyllic spots and also a feeling to be in another world. No need to travel to the other side of the world because the exotic places are just around the corner. I just have to wait until winter comes to see hidden places with things that not everyone can see and which every year change. Well, and this is the shot at sunrise and I hope you like it.

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The Painkiller after Sunset by ManuelMartin1972

Well, the evening I made this shot here I had a small accident in the kitchen. I wanted to make a few sausages in the pan. But since I didn’t want to have a big mess in the kitchen, I put the pan in the oven. By the way … sausages made in the oven taste great 😉 Half an hour later, the sausages were good fried and I wanted to remove the pan from the oven. In my left hand I had the newspaper and was just reading an article and then it was clear what happened. I was distracted and took the pan by hand out of the oven. My wife just came home and found me in the kitchen. „What are you doing“ she asked! „Dancing Baby, I’m dancing!“ was my response. Do you remember the old movies of Tom and Jerry? Well, mentally at this moment I ran like a rocket to the next mountain, there I screamed so loud that I have certainly woken up the whole world, and then I ran back quite quickly he he he 😉 Of course I had a lot of pain and could therefore not sleep! in the meanwhile, everything is alright again, but just imagine how I was looking the next days when I went to the office. I had a bandage … damn, I was looking like Michael Jackson 😉

But that evening I didn’t know what to do! Pain, and too much time to wait till the next morning! So I took a frozen sausage and tied it around my hand. That was wonderful … a feeling like vacations! I took my backpack with the photo equipment and went into the woods with our dog Giorgio. The distraction in the woods was really wonderful. Well, and that evening I made this shot at the edge of the forest. I think this image here will always remind me to make less nonsense 😉

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La Vallée de Feu by StefanHefele

“La Vallée de Feu” – Hautes Alpes/France

While driving through deep Alpine valleys, a warm haze lies over the mountains. Up above the Valley of Fire, clouds throw up skywards like tongues of fire, while already the night has arrived in the dark mountain forest.


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