Standing Beneath Giants by intrepidphotos

These giant swamp gums (Eucalyptus regnans) are tallest flowering plants in the world reaching heights of 100m the largest of which were growing when Abel Tasman first sighted Tasmania in 1642. Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia
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Midnight Purple by RCNaturephotos

“Midnight Purple”

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Silhouette Elephant and mahout by Santiphoto

Silhouette Elephant and mahout at sunset

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The Shard by HatCatPhotography

This is a photo I have taken with my old Olympus PL3 cam during a trip to London. It was shot out of the window of London Tower bridge!

If you wondering why the perspective has not been corrected. I tried and did is the best I could achieve. I have taken that photo to distorded and in a very bad angle as I had to shoot somehow awkward through a window.

Wish you all the best,

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Financial Building in Marina Bay, Singapore with t by PanatFotoAcare

Financial Building in Marina Bay, Singapore with t

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The Winsome Winter by elizabethgadd

Yesterday morning was spent wandering around frosty and foggy winter wonderlands, and it was incredible. I absolutely love this time of year, the transition from fall to winter leaves me speechless with its icy beauty every time.
…just realized it’s been a while since I last faced the camera head-on… Not sure if it counts if my face is half-covered, but hey, still changing it up from the usual. 🙂

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