Cathedral on the Bay by treadwl

This is an 81 second exposure taken of the support structure under the Pinellas Bay Bridge in Tampa Florida. It was taken late at night. When I first saw this image I was struck by the feeling of being in an European Cathedral–thus the title. At other moments I think it feels like something futuristic. I was drawn to this by the glow that came from under the bridge so upon investigation I found this. A word of warning. If you want to try this you can park for free for 1 hour at the don Cesar Hotel and then walk to the bridge. It is a bit of a walk. But watch your time. If you are 1 minute over the hour the parking fee jumps to $26. I learned the hard way. 😦

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Reaching by frank_delargy

You might notice that the lightning never actually touches the ground. The lightning instead spreads out into the clouds looking for somewhere to terminate. I guess it is cloud to cloud, but you don’t often see it come so low.

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To Dream by dogbreathphotography

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
-Roald Dahl

This particular evening on this particular beach with this particular, magic little dog was easily one of my very favorite moments in recent history.

We had an unbelievable day on the beach together, splashing and playing and giggling until our sides hurt. But soon the day turned into afternoon, and the afternoon shifted into evening.

As the sun dipped it’s fiery head towards the horizon, it sent rays of yellow light pouring across the earth. I think we all stood there in awe for just a minute – Jessa too. We paused – staring, mouths agape, trying to grasp all of the perfection in that tiny moment. How lucky we were to be alive under that fairytale sky. It was like the whole world was awash in flecks of gold, glittering and sparkling as we spun and spun on it’s axis.

And just at that moment, Jessa lifted her head to dream. I put my eye to my camera and knew at that moment, all was perfectly, completely right with the world.

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After the rain by frank_delargy

Monday in Tampa was a record day for flooding. It had rained for 21 days straight and then a day of over 6 inches of rain, 8 in some places. Finally as the day closed and the air dried a bit a wonderful sunset lit up the sky and reflected in the still, but swollen canal.
This was a 30 second exposure using a 6 stop ND. I got right down on the dock as close to the water as possible to maximize the reflection.
Please click on image or press H to maximize and view on black.

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Tampa Nights by Greg_Urbano

Long exposure night shot of Tampa Florida’s city skyline as seen from the Platt Street Bridge. This was the shot I was waiting for, right after sundown but with a little color left in the sky. Taken within an hour after my Tampa skyline from platt street bridge image I posted ealier in the week.

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