The Elusive Peak by RobDickinson

After spending a few days in New Plymouth and not seeing this fantastic volcanic cone we hiked up to Pouakai hut, a 2-3 hour climb, in cloud and rain, no chance of a sunset just a good bottle of Pinot, a warm fire and some great company.

Sunrise comes and we still have total cloud cover, but it breaks just at the right time, cue a mad scramble up the mountain.

The classic shot with the tarn isnt on, the clouds cover it, but we get a chance to shoot the mountain in all its glory.

I managed one wide angle frame and one set of panoramic frames before conditions deteriorated again and we headed back down to the van and a beer!

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Taranaki by TrentBlomfield

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand.

This is without a doubt one of the most frustrating shoots I’ve done.We had planned to shoot this icon from the tarn for sunset and sunrise. However, upon getting here for sunset from the nearby hut, we were welcomed with cloud, cloud and more cloud. Thus, we got no shots there – apart from a few selfies from Khos.

That night, next to a blazing fire was pretty darn nice. Especially hearing the gusts of wind blaze overhead and a few sneaky glances outside didn’t warrant much hope.

Alarm awoke to a smouldering fire and a brief check out the window to white clouds. A quick check off the deck and we were surrounded by the things.

Waiting for the next hour in that snug sleeping bag was filled with constant checking of the weather outside.

Then it happened. The clouds moved. The disappeared. And I’ve never moved more quickly in my entirely live for a sunrise – within a minute I was out the door and climbing the stairs. Nearing the top you could see this mammoth volcano dominating the sky. I let out a huge ‘oh fuck yeah’ and literally ran the last hundred metres to check it out.

Scanning down towards the Tarn – the clouds were making that an impossible shot.

Quick set up. Fire away. And the clouds streamed back in.

Its time like these you have to be quick (I read a points for success in panoramic by a good mate of mine) and one of those points was quickness. If I didn’t have that here – this image would not have been possible as a panorama.

The next 20-30 minutes was filtered with sporadic shots and clouds floating in front of the scene.

Although, I didn’t get the ‘tarn’ shot, I am pretty darn stoked to get a shot of this majestic mountain.

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Mt Taranaki by kirillpolishchuk

Mt Taranaki at night

Panoramic photograph

Mt Taranaki/Mt Egmont, New Zealand

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Dawn Vigil by everlookphotography

North Island, New Zealand

Pre dawn light and fading clouds on a beautiful morning sitting by Pouakai Tarns overlooking Taranaki.

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