Sunrise Mt Assiniboine Reflected in a Tarn With Golden Larch Fro by randalljhodges

Sunrise Mt Assiniboine Reflected in a Tarn With Golden Larch From Mt Assiniboine Provinvial Park in British Columbia Canada…
Just cant get enough of those Canadian Rockies. Every morning while we were at Mt Assiniboine, we were out for sunrise, and this was one of our favorite spots. This is Sunrise With Mt Assiniboine Reflected in a Partially Frozen Over Tarn With Golden Larch From Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park in Canada. Just us and the Bears out there! This is definitely a place that should be on every hiker and photographers bucket list! As with all of my images you can get this from the Randall J Hodges Photography Gallery in any size or style. I have so many New Releases From these amazing Canadian Rockies…Happy Exploring Everyone!!
Randall J Hodges Photography

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Wild Places by Sean_Bagshaw

From the Opabin plateau above Lake O’hara in the Canadian Rockies back in September. This was the morning we made the 9 mile hike in the dark in order to reach this spot by sunrise. It is one of the most glorious alpine cirques I have been to.

5D III, 16mm, polarizer. Three exposures blended using layer mask techniques for dynamic range: 1/2, 1/4 and 1/13 seconds at f/16, ISO 100.

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Mirror of Enchantment by ErwinBuske

This tarn was located just outside our camp site at the Enchantments Leprechaun Lake. The tarn is much more protected from the usual evening winds that spread out over the Enchantment Basin making possible a perfect reflection of Presik Peak and the Golden Larches in the small Tarn. The Contrast of the Blue and Gold was very alluring, with large boulders next to the waters providing a perfect place for meditation and reflection.

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Portent by craigholloway

Having rolled out of my tent for sunrise on our last day at Assiniboine, I had high hopes after a quick look at the clouds. Standing around this tarn however I was starting to lose hope of any light breaking through – and just as I was about to pack up we spotted the first signs of red. Minutes later this scene unfolded before us for the briefest of moments.

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In Transition by snyder7

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I first discovered this tarn almost two years ago to the day. Given that this year has been really strange and things have happened about 4-6 weeks earlier than usual because of the weather patterns we’ve had, my friend Bryan and I decided to go “larch hunting” last weekend, and we had great (albeit unexpected) conditions.

I had checked NOAA’s weather report for the specific area we were visiting, and the conditions were supposed to be mostly clear for day and night. Surprise, surprise… It was overcast and raining at lower elevations and some snow flurries up high. We were at 6400 ft and we basically had snow all day, with short breaks here and there. But it was actually pretty amazing to be in that kind of weather for most of the time we were up at the lake basin.

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Relaxing Atmosphere by michaelglascock

Castelnau Montmiral was founded as an albigensian bastide in 1222 by Raymond VII, count of Toulouse, under the name “Castellum Novum Montis Mirabilis”.

During the subsequent years, the village remained an impressive stronghold. In 1345, during the Hundred Years’ War, when Edward the Black Prince invaded the Albigeois, he reportedly left without besieging the village… Later, it served as a shelter for Catholics who were fleeing from Gaillac because of the Wars of Religion. King Louis XIII visited Castelnau in June 1622, and stayed in the “Tonnac” house.

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Lasting Impressions by snyder7

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Please see against the black background!!!

This was shot a little over a month ago during a one day trip to Mount Baker, with my pal Jeff. We were hoping for a better sky that what we had, but hey, you have to work the scene regardless, right!?!

Having said that, I came away with a couple of shots that I am pretty happy. “Alpenglow”, which you can see on my website here: and now this one.

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The Beauty Of The End by TheWanderingSoul

While browsing through some older photographs I’ve found this piece and decided to do the post-processing once again to publish it (I already have posted this time exposure, taken two minutes later). Almost two years have passend since I have been at this wonderful place. Two years too many. 😉

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