Wharariki Drift at Nelson, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

A huge playground for photographers. Take your pick from waves, tide-pools, reflections or sand dunes. There’s even a cave not far from here where you can perfectly frame the sea stacks.

I opted for that classic wave shot, hope you like it! Cheers guys!

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Colossal Stacks of Wharariki, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

These enormous sea stacks stands guard on the shores of Wharariki beach. Upon seeing my photog buddy catching the sunset on the far end of the beach, I hurried back and took a shot that would show scale of how big these giants are. If your planning to visit New Zealand soon, I would really recommend that you make room for this on your itinerary! Cheers guys!

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Peek-A-Boo by PatrickMarsonOng

The majestic sentinels of Te Tai-o-Rehua, New Zealand. Aren’t they awesome? Here playing hide and seek with the sun on it’s glorious golden hour to catch that starburst effect while my shooting buddies were busy searching for those famous starfish.

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