Peek-a-boo by JeremyDuncan

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An image from one of the several visits to Rainier I’ve had over the past few weeks and one of the better sunsets I’ve had around there. Mount Adams even made a very faint appearance.

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Summertime In The R.N.P by AaronReedPhotography

I ride with uh, I slide with a uh-ha-uh.

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Dream Catcher by cwexplorationphotography

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This is a 3 photo perspective blend that was shot high up on the Skyline trail up at Paradise. The mountain you see in the middle is Mt. Adams which is being cradled by the Tatoosh mountain range. I’ve seen a few photos from this area but you really do have to do a perspective blend to give it more of a realistic feel since most wide angle lenses leave Adams fairly small. The FG was shot at 16mm, middle ground at 50mm and Adams at 105mm. It was pretty amazing to watch the moon rise just after sunset. It’s a moment that I definitely won’t forget. Hope you enjoy this one!

Mt. Adams, Tatoosh, Paradise, WA


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Viva Last Blues by MichaelBollino

From last summer with Paul Bowman and Justin Poe while exploring the famous flower fields of Mount Rainier. I actually bumped into Art Wolfe the evening before. I felt so bad because, as usual, I was running up the trail chasing the light which looked like it might go off when I ran into him. After a quick hi and exchange of info, I kindly excused myself because I didn’t want to miss the show, then took off up the trail. My hurried exit was for all for nothing as the clouds, which seemed so promising before, descended over the Tatoosh range. Wish I had a redo. I would have loved to talk to Art more since his work has always inspired me and was a catalyst for my getting into landscape photography. Still kicking myself over that one….



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