Inter Woven by joe_plasmatico

Wonderful weekend and welcome back joining my subway adventures.

I am having a hard time working like a maniac for the last 2 month. So there was little time to attend your work, which will change after new years eve.

This idea for the shot came to me a few days ago, so I organized the clothing and my beloved partner and me did the posing by ourselves. Actually she had to pull the remote, cause I had this full Chewbacca costume on and there was no way to handle the trigger with those gloves.

With all those bad news about unnecessary wars fought in countries, resulting in millions of people abandoning their countries and families seeking peace and a better life, we should remember that we all are the same species, humans.

So it is about time to act like a human being, loving, caring, sharing and lifting us to a new level of understanding.

There is no we or the others, there is only us all together. We all sit in the same boat called Earth and we travel along throughout the galaxy in hope for a much better future.

Stay save, make love, live in peace and you will see, the force will be with you, always.

Merry Christmas time to everybody

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Take him with you by Carlosmacr

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The little story behind this and other shots i took with the same model…. During one of my last trips to Lithuania, i had to sleep in the same bed with my daughter. Some days i woke up about 3 a.m. in order to see the sunrise in different places. One of the first days, my daughter woke up while i was dressing to leave and she told me (while almost slept) “Daddy, please don’t forget Mimosín (teddy bear given name). So i took him with that and next days and took him some pictures. This one while during sunset, in one of those jetties i love.

Thanks for your visit and regards.
Cambiando otra vez de tercio respecto de las últimas imágenes, contaré la pequeña historia que hay detrás de esta y otras imágenes que tomé al mismo modelo…. Durante uno de mis últimos viajes a Lituania, tuve que dormir en la misma cama que mi hija. Algunos días me desperté sobre las 3 de la mañana con intención de ir a ver algún amanecer en diferentes lugares. One of the first days, desperté sin querer a mi hija quien, medio dormida, me dijo algo así como “papá, por favor no te olvides a Mimosín”. Así que me llevé a Mimosín aquel y otros días y le hice algunas fotos. Esta en concreto durante el amanecer en uno de esos muelles que tanto me gusta fotografiar. Como curiosidad, decir que el peluche en un Mimosín original que conservaba hace muchos años (cuando digo muchos, son muuuuuuuchos :-)) un familiar.

Gracias por la visita y saludos.

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Garden of The Rising Sun by NhtPhm

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I already uploaded some photos that I took at this garden not long ago. This is another of my favorites shots that I took that day. This was taken after the sunrise! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day/night everyone! 🙂

Photographed by: Nhut Pham
Location: Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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