Springtime Rush of Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

Aha! Dug through some old files and found this taken waaaay back 2012, it was my first visit to New Zealand.

This is a two exposure shot blended together. 100 seconds for the sky and a quick one for the foreground.

It’s gonna be lupine season in a couple of weeks and south island’s gonna be more colorful!! 😉 Wish I could just beam myself there! Amazing, yeah?!

Wishing you all a great week! Cheers!

Oh, accidentally typed an extra 1 on my watermark! Lol!

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Guiding Light by All4Nature

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Guiding Light. A bucket list item finally got ticked last week with the visit to the NewZealand south island. A truely amazing place, photographers delight. There is beauty everywhere and the word beautiful loses all significance in a few days.
This shot is from The Church of Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo. This splendid location is swarmed by tourists all day till almost an hour past sunset when something like this happens. The Light was the best I have seen in a long, long time.
The only sad part of this visit was the death of two tourists in the same lake just a day before my visit. Two young tourists aged 20 and 21 lost their lives kayaking in inclement weather conditions. Guiding Light is dedicated to these young souls. R.I.P.

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New Dawn by williampatino

It’s been done a million times before, but it’s hard not to visit the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd when in Tekapo. My friends and I having this place virtually to ourselves could possibly be the rarest thing to happen in NZ.

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Twilight Rush at Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

Enjoying the cold winter breeze in Lake Tekapo as we end our day with a sunset shoot. Was so lazy, I didn’t even bother to bring out the camera from the car. Baaaaad! Lol!
Ahhh… true enough, regret crawls in as everything turned into pink after sunset. Having a mental template of what I want shoot, I waited for my buddy to finish up, borrowed his camera, got my cf card in and fired away! Pulled off a shot with waves using high iso as the light slowly fades away. Hope you check it out! Happy weekend guys! Cheers!

“If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.” – Sean O’Connell

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Mud and Cracks of Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

An hour an a half racing against the sun as we drive out from an uncooperative Mt. Cook National Park weather just to catch that final kiss of sunset light on these muddy cracks of Lake Tekapo was all worth it!

How can such a thing be so unsightly and be beautiful at the same time? Lol! Hope you like it guys!

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Fleeting Solitude by iso100_photography

In a brief moment with no interruption from passers by, i managed to snap this quick shot of The Church of the Good Shepherd at sunset during my recent trip to New Zealand’s South Island whilst hosting an OOAK adventure with Timothy Poulton. Cannot wait to return to this place, the South Island has captured my heart! FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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