One-Hundred Photo’s and still holding on….. by mennodekker

Here is already my number 100 picture posted, I decided to do a new version of the very first picture I posted on 500px. At that time it became an instant 99er which of course encouraged me to annoy you all with more of my pictures……

This one was shot in Costa Rica, these frogs had been on my wish-list for a while but I was never able to spot them, and then suddenly I discovered a place where there were many of them.

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out of the blue part II by mennodekker

Here is another shot I took in the Dunes at the coast of Holland. This place is very famous for its foxes as they are very approachable and used to humans. They hardly bring back a stick if you throw one, but sometimes they seem to behave almost like domesticated dogs. Nevertheless it is a great area to see these wonderful animals and I never get bored by them as they are superb training subjects.

This one looks like if it comes out of the mist, but the truth is that is it just the low angle and f5.6 which makes the back very blurry. I only changed the white balance to make it a bit more cooler.

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