In to the Sea by DeltaJimmy

Pano 6 vertical shots …. Tellaro, Italy.
This afternoon I went out to the event as well and I found myself in front of a heavy sea and a very special light to the horizon … after a wave that bathed me from head to toe I could compose shots to realize this panoramic. .. hope you like it and thanks the vision and suppor

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The natural power… by massimopistone

The natural power…
of a stormy morning in my beloved Gulf of Poets, Tellaro, Liguria.
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Memories by Chiotas

I love spending some time alone in my beloved Gulf as often as I can..
Sometimes there are more answers in the silence of the sea rather than in the voice of people

Join us for a new adventure! Workshop in Liguria – Marzo 2016 – Italian Edition!

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The warm embrace… by massimopistone

The warm embrace…of a fantastic sunset ,hold in a tight clasp the fascinating Ligurian village of Tellaro,in my hometown La Spezia.
This shot is taken 20 minutes before the blue hour image “The Gulf of Poets” and it is a pano of 2 horyz.shots at 16mm.
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The Gulf of Poets… by massimopistone

The Gulf of Poets… is a wonderful gulf in my hometown La Spezia,surrounding 3 beautiful villages called , Lerici,Portovenere and Tellaro.The last one is the subject of this image.I hope you enjoy.
(Composed Image of 3 horyz.shots blend in a vertical one).
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