Dare to Dream by bernardchen

I’m not sure how to describe such an exhilarating feeling I had while rappelling 170 feet down a dark cave in South Pittsburg, TN, which was my first time I have ever done anything daring like this! I have dream for these kinds of shots and when Justin Simpson presented me with such an opportunity, it was an offer I couldn’t resist, but overcoming my fears was mentally challenging. However, I found myself in total peace half way down when I felt the aurora that surrounded me. My inside just wanted to scream out with excitement, there I was hanging freely like never before and the only thing that came into my mind was how lucky I am to behold such exquisiteness from mother nature. Photography has led me through many doors and all I can express is how thankful I am to have these life experiences.

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(HAY) Man Nice Shot by pkwicki

Sitting in a field with a bunch of fresh hay bales and trying to catch a storm. This seasons storms have not been impressive. I keep trying to catch them up close but they just graze us and are gone as soon as they appear. Anyways, it does not stop me from getting out and having a little bit of fun.

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