” Keep up the light on Paris ” by Yannick_Lefevre

sunset all around La Défense & the Eiffel Tower
#prayforparis ….

A la mémoire des centaines de disparus tombé sous la barbarie en ce jour du Vendredi 13 Novembre à Paris

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PRAY FOR PARIS by senen_941

In memory for all the victims that have died today in Paris. Rest in peace.

In sorry but, as I said with the other photo, I cant understand what has happened today.


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#PRAYFORPARIS by senen_941

Im sorry but as a human being I cant understand what have happened today.

Spain with Paris in this horrible day.

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The nest of the black patrol by P-ANilsson

The home of the Black Patrol, one of the reason i am swede and not a scotsman. After Culloden they terrorized the remaining clans members and after just some years my ancestors moved to sweden and other places to run from the oppressors. This place really made my hair stand up and i remembered all the stories of my father that he had learn from his father and so on…
Slainthe Mathe

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