In Between by GreggB

Here is another shot of Tetons. This place isn’t far from the place I shot my last image at. I liked the trees (in the foreground) sort of surrounding the mountains and pointing towards it. This was shot way before the sunrise, so mountains haven’t been yet illuminated by the sun. Still, I think they look beautiful and very photogenic the way they are.

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Sunrising Moon by GreggB

Here is one I was a bit lucky to capture, I have to admit.
I was waiting for a sunrise and the “good light”, and noticed this huge Moon setting behind the mountain. I zoomed in and shot the scene at 500mm (hence the giant size of the Moon’s surface). At first I really didn’t pay attention to the Moon because it was too high and too small, and I was after the entire mountain range, not just a fragment of it. But, with the Moon low and giant in size, and with some orang-y color in the mountain peaks the scene became more appealing to me. Now I think it’s a great shot 🙂

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Portrait of a Wild Fox by jeffclow

We were driving through Grand Teton National Park and saw this wild fox trotting down the walking path beside the road…..I slammed on the brakes and jumped out as he continued trotting.
Then a deer jumped out of the bushes and ran across the path and he stopped for just a split second and I was able to capture him as you see here…

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Symmetry! by mohanram22

A calm section of snake river just past the oxbow bend turnout with the morning light bouncing of the glorious aspen groves that add in for a beautiful foreground.

I personally love the symmetry of the ranges on either sides and the reflections!

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Artist Point by marcobalderi27

Yellowstone National Park

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A Bison Encounter by jeffclow

When this young bull bison raised his head and stared straight at me earlier this year, I felt a instinctive rush of fear inside my being…

I knew it was very unusual for him to raise his head above his shoulders and I also knew that this move was precursor to a charge.
My heart was pounding as I tried to get a focus lock on the eyes while my brain was telling me to get behind the car.
He was about twenty five yards away and he was looking me straight in the eye.
I felt scared. I felt alive. I felt the fear of generations of genes inside me that had laid dormant all these years.
One second, calm. The next second, fear on a primal stage that touched every nerve ending. Fight or flight.
Fight or flight….
Were you there for a minute with me?
I hope so.
That’s the magic of photography. It can transport you to another time and another place in an instant.
And then you’re back again…

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Bull Elk Crossing by jeffclow

In ten years of visiting Jackson Hole, I have never been able to capture a photo of elk crossing the Snake River near Oxbow Bend until earlier this month.

This was taken at about 70 yards using a Tamron 150-600mm lens coupled with a Nikon D800. If you look closely, you can actually see the water splashing as the elk crosses in a brisk fashion. I was very pleased that the lens was able to capture that detail while I was shooting handheld.

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