Dallas New Years Eve by pensrud

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What luck to drive down to Dallas on New Years eve. There was no wind. The water and reflections were such a treat. And unexpected. I hoped, but doubted I would be so lucky. Well, I was.

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The Vacuum by MikeOlbinski

This incredibly photogenic storm near Booker, Texas back on June 3rd, 2013, was like a dust-eating machine. Everything around it seemed to get sucked into the updraft of this stunning supercell. The colors at sunset added to the apocalyptic look of this storm.

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Another World by MikeOlbinski

Standing here, near Bledsoe, Texas on the night of May 29th…it felt like I had traveled to another planet. The wind, the storm, the lightning…but it was the surreal orange glow everywhere that created this otherworldy mood which I’ll never forget. It was utterly amazing and mesmerizing. One of those moments you wish would never end.

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Angles Of Light V – LyondellBasell Tower by MabryCampbell

LyondellBasell Tower in Houston, Texas

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Bump in the Night by RogerHill

Amazing night time strong tornado and thunderstorm near Groom, Texas on November 16th. One of the prettiest, and scariest scenes one would want to encounter! For me, I live for this! I had to shoot this wide (I was VERY close for awhile) to capture the entire scene. A longer (20 second) exposure was needed to capture the lightning bolt illuminating the tornado). From the starry skies, to the thunderstorm and obvious tornado going over a wind turbine farm, this is one of my favorites!

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