Narrow it Down by DaniloFaria

Warm light shines on the “The Narrows” walls at Zion near the location known as “Wall Street”. It’s definitely a very beautiful site to see, early morning light glows in the massive canyon walls while the crystal and cold waters of the Virgin River continues the eternal erosion process. Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it very much!

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What Lies Ahead by DaniloFaria

Let me start saying I do respect the opinions of many of my colleagues after the Chinese beta version of the website went live, I read hundreds of comments of unhappy (to say the least) photographers towards the management of 500px. Let me add I do understand why so many people deleted their images, some delete their account altogether. I do agree that they (500px) did not handle the situation well, they could have done much better communicating beforehand, not “damage controlling” the situation after the fact. With that said they are still the best photo share site out there, and even before this “Chinese” version I already had many of my images “stolen” and rebroadcasted without my permission from Flickr, Facebook, Google+… So, unfortunately this practice is not going to end “because” you’re not posting here any longer… but everyone is entitled to their opinion!

In the meantime, early morning light shines somewhere in “The Narrows” (Zion National Park), where beauty is beyond your dreams. Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it very much!

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