Angel Falls by josephrossbach

Angel Falls, Zion National Park, Utah

This is Arch Angel Falls in Zion National Park. Located just before the famous Subway, these falls are famous in and of themselves. On this morning in early November, I started the long hike to the Subway down the canyon 2 hours before sunrise to be at these falls by myself for a while before others arrived. I was lucky that morning and had almost an entire hour of shooting in peak light with only one other soul. What a treat!

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Canyon Paradise by Pcoskun

A photo of the popular archangel falls in Zion National Park. Despite it’s popularity, it is quite a trek to get down here. It’s one of the few places I have been where the effort was well worth it. I was finally able to make a photograph of these cascades on my latest trip to the park, and with autumn colors still hanging on the trees.

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The Subway by bcgoforth

A great hike to a spectacular location in Zion National Park!

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Mirror by Pcoskun

A distorted reflection of the famous subway feature in Zion National Park. I wanted to find something a bit different from the normal of this often photographed location. When I saw these shallow pools I noticed almost mirrored reflections of the landscape. There was one small pool that had a bunch of fallen leaves in it and thought that a long exposure would render the leaves in swirling streaks. I found it interesting that after the few exposures I took that the leaves seemed to flow into a small channel that got blocked up. It returned to being another mirrored reflective pool. While a traditional mirrored reflection would have been nice as well, the distorted reflection with the swirling leaves spoke much more to me showing that not everything is as it seems to be.

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Revived by Pcoskun

Last year when I made the hike into the famous subway area, I was particularly drawn to the scene opposite of the iconic view many have photographed. Perhaps it was the twisting canyon walls, the pothole, the green water. It was something that made me want to return and enjoy it in the future. I made the trip again this year to the subway, but I wasn’t so much interested in the subway itself, rather the falls that preceded the stunning canyon. I made sure that I would photograph them before reaching the final destination of my hike as I failed to do so last year. When I finally got to the subway, I noticed the scene that had initially caught my eye was very different. It looked even better than I remembered. The low light still allowing the shadows to play between the canyon walls as the green water popped against the multicolored stones. A fallen log now removed from the scene (likely from flash flooding), and a beautiful golden tree just above. There were no leaves on the tree on my previous visit, and to see how it popped against the cool colors of the canyon was hypnotizing. I was more focused shooting this scene than I was the main subway area as some of my friends had shown up at this point. There was a fairly large group of photographers here enjoying the scenery and filling memory cards with stunning images. Myself and a few others began the hike out of the canyon and towards the very end of the hike the others who I had ran into caught up with us. The hike is listed as very strenuous, and it will certainly tire out the legs if you are not used to hiking or climbing over rocks. It’s an adventure for sure, and one that I probably will do over and over no matter how many times I say “this will be the last time”. The canyon just draws you in, especially when draped in autumn colors.

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If Tomorrow Never Comes by DaniloFaria

Still one of the favorite places I’ve ever seen… miss it very much! After an accident that will make me miss lots of time in the wild, I offer you a “bit of wisdom”.
Many people “avoid” the classic shot because they say “it has been done so many times, I’ve seen it a thousand times, I will go back there anytime I want…. blah blah blah…” well, classic shots are classic for a reason! THEY MATTER, that’s why they are classic! Take the classic shot every time you can, you never know what tomorrow brings.
“The Subway” main emerald pool. Thanks to all for the comments and support, I appreciate them all!

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