Drei zinnen pano by wildlifemoments

Panoramic at The Three Peaks of Lavaredo (Italy), called also Drei Zinnen, at 2450m, during a photographic weekend with landscaper friends.


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chasing stars by enniopozzetti

Night panoramic at the three Peaks of Lavaredo Italy

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Sunrising by sysaworld

Can we put a very large object into a much smaller one?

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Darkness by sysaworld

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Last lights of sunset over Refuge Locatelli and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo Sesto Dolomites Trentino Alto Adige Italy Europe

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. : rock-stars : . by Martin-Pfister

When I photograph, I’m happy alone. But I do not feel alone. I am a part of nature around me. And if these shows herself for a moment in all its glory, and I have my camera and my mind under control, then I feel life so intense that I grin. And no one could see it…

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Three Peaks plans lakes by Integraphotonature

I point out a Workshop that will keep the Three Peaks Italy on 5/6 September 2015.
An interesting experience for those who love photography and nature.
I enclose the link where you will find all the details and program.
Thank you all for a possible visit.

workshop three peaks of lavaredo 5/6 September 2015 Integraphotonature.net

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