Inferno by MikeOlbinski

I’ve made quite a few trips to the Grand Canyon this year and last, but never have I seen the color and sky like I did a week ago. I went up there of course hoping for lightning, which never materialized…but this blazing sunset was such a treat it made up for everything!

Someday I’ll get the storms I want over that place, but in the meantime…I’ll take a sunset like that!

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Aurora II by MikeOlbinski

Another image from this gorgeous little supercell near Aurora, Colorado on June 3rd, 2015. My chase was over and I was heading home to Phoenix after having been in Wyoming all day and busting. I crossed my fingers for some weather on the way through Denver and sure enough some cells exploded over town and I was able to hang out with this guy, time-lapse it for a long time and get a bunch of lightning. A sublime way to end a 12-day chase!

You can see this storm and a bunch of others in my time-lapse film The Chase:

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Limon, Colorado by tornadochaser06

Shelf cloud races toward Limon, CO on Aug 17, 2015. This storm produced winds to 65 mph in town and caused decent tree damage.

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Rapid City Supercell by MikeOlbinski

This was most likely the second greatest supercell I’ve seen in person thus far. The first was Booker, Texas in 2013…but this guy near Rapid City, South Dakota was incredible. It essentially hovered in one general area for hours…and by the time I finally punched the core and got in position to photograph it, the structure was amazing.

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The Devil In The Details – Monument Valley Tornado by AaronReedPhotography

The Devil Is In The Details – Monument Valley, Utah.

After shooting all morning in Monument Valley, Utah I was having dinner inside “The View” when there was quite a bit of excitement after someone yelled Tornado! and everyone ran to the glass to take a look. It lasted about 2 minutes and I grabbed this image hand held with my 200mm from my table. I had never seen a tornado before and capturing one at Monument Valley is pretty cool I think.

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Farewell by MikeOlbinski

On Wednesday, my final day of chasing…I saw way more storm chasers than actual storms most of the day. I decided to target Wyoming instead of Denver because less crowds and beautiful landscapes. But we sat there most of the afternoon watching storms die off in the mountains.

I knew I was headed home that night, so at one point near Chugwater, WY, I called it quits and headed home, hoping that once I hit the Denver area, maybe I’d get lucky with a storm on the way.

And yes. I did. One final, beautiful, stunning LP cell that I time-lapsed for about 20 minutes and caught all kinds of CG’s.

At one point, thanks to some knowledge dropped on me from Paige Burress, you could actually HEAR the masisve hail falling just 1/2 mile away.

Had an amazing 12 days out there…the photos will be coming in the next week and month and all summer I’m sure.

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