The Spirit of Tibet II by AlisterBenn

This is an image I made back in 2012 while leading a private workshops to the Tibetan regions of SW China.

It’s a favourite of mine and I have decided to rework it in light of the advances in processing capabilities.

These mountains of the Himalaya have a remarkable pull to them, you can’t stop looking at them and often I stay awake long into the night just sitting quietly to experience those moments for as long as I can.

This image is actually taken from a very comfortable hotel at 3400m/10000 feet that looks right across the valley to these incredible peaks. Probably the easiest view of the Himalaya 🙂

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Salute to the Sun by AlisterBenn

Celebrating the first day of the New year by looking back to arguably the highlight of 2015; co-leading the tour to Kharta Valley in Tibet with Marc Adamus.

This image was taken from our camp 4 when Marc and 4 of the clients had headed further up the valley towards Everest and Lhotse.

Handheld 14mm pano of 11 verticals.

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Breakthrough by drlafreniere

“And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one”
New Year’s Day, U2

We are one race and we have one planet. If only we could better coexist with each other and our planet. New Year’s Day brings promise and hope for the coming year???

All the best to everyone in 2016!!!

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Here come the train. by FacechooYong

Today, we are at about 4000 meter above sea level. In front of us is
Qinghai-Tibet railway at foot of Kunlun Mountain range in Tibet. Favorite place for
shepherds to bring their herds there.”Here come the train; don’t miss it!”
Thank You for your visit & support.Happy weekend.

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Everest (Kangshung Face) by MAPhoto

I wanted to make sure I got to post at least one of my images of Mount Everest here, since there is nowhere like Tibet if you want great views of the great one. If you are like me, you would prefer this one of just Everest’s summit:

But here I wanted to show a little more, and show off the mountain in a more hospitable type of light. I made an X on the map at this spot before we even went hiking because based on my map research of the angles and my knowledge of how glacial rivers carve wide drainages, I knew there must be some good opportunities here for a landscape shot that put Everest in the forefront with fall colors nearby, probably the only place in the world where such a shot exists, and one I had not seen before.

To the left of Everest is Lhotse and Lhotse Shar, all 8000m +

Thanks for looking.

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____摄于珠峰东坡嘎玛沟徒步路上的错学仁玛,此处可以看到珠穆朗玛、洛子、马卡鲁三座8000+的高峰和珠穆郎卓的完美倒影____ by LiYe

Himalaya Autumn by MAPhoto

From this viewpoint I was able to combine some of the world’s highest peaks with some of the best of the fall colors. A busy week of trekking this area to get out here followed by an hour or three wandering around in seemingly impenetrable neck-deep brush to find this spot. This shot is a combination of several exposures.

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