Impact by MajeedBadizadegan

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I spent two days getting hammered by sea spray, rain, and hail that comes with standing in a winter storm on the Oregon coast. But in between all that, I got to see these monster waves break hundreds of feet hight. For scale, the top of the cliff where the people are standing is 100 feet high.

What I noticed from my limited experience shooting these waves is there’s really two main things that create interest in a Shore Acres Wave photograph: form and power. Sometimes there was a huge volume of water but with no form. And sometimes there was a beautiful shape to the splash, but no volume. Getting both at the time same time was more of a challenge but creates the most visually interesting photograph.

I also liked these conditions because the blue patch of sky and the low December sun side lit the wave perfectly, really driving home a nice contrast and separation.

Shore Acres State Park, OR

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Eternal Light by AdamGibbs

Sandcut beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Sandcut waterfall is a great place to spend a couple of hours photographing. Make sure you visit during a wet spell otherwise you might be disappointed as there might not be any water.

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Fading Away by lolloriva

Uttakleiv Beach is one of those places with never-ending compositional possibilities. This is one of the many tidal pool you can find toward the south end of this incredible beach captured when the sun has just set below the horizon.

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Sunlight On Jericho by eyeofalens

Sunlight on Jericho needs some Black

When I first saw these rock walls/canyon on Saturday, for one reason or another the first thought that popped into my head is that they looked like something out of a biblical setting or painting.
That thought was reinforced again when someone commented more or less saying the same thing on 500px, thinking they looked biblical.
Hence the title I have chose to apply to this image. The Walls of Jericho thought to have been for both defense & flood protection.
Not sure if this is the best of the images captured with the sun passing its light down this passage, but its the only one having captured some of the minimal tidal movements on what was a reasonably calm after noon.

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Wavelength by DanielJGreenwood

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The fires have been burning pretty hard lately pushing the smoke clouds everywhere. The sunsets have been omitting some pretty wild colors and light from all the thick smoke and haze. This is Something of a creative blend here.. I have spent lots of days and nights down here photographing this lighthouse, with all the smoke and haze from the fire it has created some pretty wild red hues with the sunsets. Never the less, I hope all the fires stop soon and things can clear up. I also hope everyone is safe and ok. Some technical stuff…This is my first set of images taken with my new D810. Its like learning all over again starting off with a new camera system. I have even had to change up some of my technique to match this new Nikon. This scene was composed of multiple exposures and blended from my vision.

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Follow The Sun by eyeofalens

Please Pop Follow The Sun on Black

I must have played around in this tidal wash for several hours & in hope that I would get another day of a killer sunset ..alas it wasn’t meant to be ! Still though the air was thick with Pacific Ocean humidity & fog , blocking out the sun enough to capture some of this.

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