____Angry Mama____ by hakem

Cat Nap in Tiger Canyons by chrishpetersen

Look closely and you will see two tigers cat napping as they try to escape the summer heat in Tiger Canyons.

I strive to capture wildlife behavior. Unfortunately it was 40+C (100+F) and the behavior the tigers most preferred was sleeping through the heat of the day.

Tigers have never lived in Africa. Tiger Canyons is the only place with free ranging tigers living wild outside of India and Asia.

John Varty (JV) is a South African conservationist and filmmaker who specializes in Big Cats. He created Tiger Canyons in the Karoo of South Africa as an experiment to create a free-ranging, self-sustaining tiger population outside Asia. It is worth your time to read more: http://ift.tt/1JvT8z3
His vision is to educate others about tigers, and to be able to return future generations of tigers back to Asia.
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Royal Headon by nimitvirdi

We were scouring the forest for a glimpse of the big cat with her four sub adult cubs with the help of the sound of the forest as well as the key markers of a tiger’s movement like pug marks, warning calls from their prey, etc. The forest rangers around also speculated their whereabouts but in vain none were sighted. We left the area to a different part of their territory where they were seldom sighted and as soon as we entered the track we got her walking head on and as bold as her mother straight towards us. This is just one of her splendor stride captured with many more to come.

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