Sunbaked by JustinGrimm

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This shot was taken in a remote area of the southern US, a place that I was fortunate enough to visit with some great photography friends. While mud tiles are relatively common in the desert, the tiles in this area are made for GIANTS! The tiles pictures here are over a foot wide and have two inch gaps between them, however in other areas they can get well over four feet across, with gaps large enough to step down into. These were truly some of the most interesting natural formations I have seen, and I cannot wait to get back here again! Thanks for looking.

If you have the time, head on over to and donate for a good cause. A friend and talented photographer Jeff Swanson passed last year from the unfortunate disease, and donations could help others in the future. Any little bit counts!

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Tiles at Twilight by SarahMarino

Wandering around a desert playa at dusk and taking photos of mud tiles is both a sort of strange thing to spend one’s time doing but also a quite enjoyable one.

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