URBAN GLAZE by JonathanDanker

Jubilee Bridge with Singapore skyscrapers in the background

So I’m happy to say I’m the owner of a Canon 24mm TS-E mk 2. I was quite apprehensive to purchase this lens as it cost quite abit of money. Plus I already had an 1.4X extender for the 17mm TS-E which would make it a similar focal length.

But you just can’t say no to having one of your dream lenses right? So, I dug deep into my pockets and placed that money on the table of Cathay photo. Even after purchasing.. I was still a little disheartened that I had spent so much…


On the first image I took with the lens, I was just amazed.. like seriously amazed at the optical quality.. I do have quite a bit of L lenses but none of them have hit this level of sharpness.

The final blow of wonder was when I had uploaded what I took tonight into the computer for some 100% pixel peeping..

The crispness of the output was just staggering.. I could see every detail so defined. It does make me wonder how this lens would perform on a 5dsr… but unfortunately.. that is not financially viable for me.

So… at the end of the day.. I have no regrets getting this lens and I’m just a little sad that all my other lenses are not of this quality.

About the image.. For anyone that has tried to shoot this bridge on a Friday night (or any other night for the matter) … It’s just utter hopelessness that you’d be able to get it without anyone in it.. So I did a little photoshop magic and did a smart object median stack from the 16 exposures I took over half an hour and got a reasonably empty bridge with just a little bit of ghosting.

Combined with the slight drizzle, the shine of the bridge is quite a special addition to what is now becoming a postcard image of Singapore.

I hope you like the image and if my description is a mess please forgive me as I do not pen down my thoughts that often. Thanks for viewing and have a great weekend!

Canon 5d Mk 3 | Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L | ISO 160 | f 11.0 | focal length 24mm (3 exposure digital blend with 16 frames for median stacking to remove excessive crowds.)

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