Beneath The Black And Purple by tpoulton001

It’s amazing how we have boogey locations that always fail us with conditions and locations that always produce the most epic light. Mount Cook in New Zealand is notorious for bad weather and so many people walk away with nothing. I’m blessed with the most amazing luck and have amassed a fine collection of images from the highest peak in New Zealand, all you have to do is search Mount Cook on 500px you’ll find some of that luck. Yesterdays sunset and astro was no exception, with light wispy clouds, all purple and red and the way the light captured the peak, took my breath away. Conditions were perfect with only a light wind and the temperature was a comfortable 10°, plenty of Steinlarger to get us through the night and only the wildlife to keep us company.

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Crimson Nation by JonathanDanker

Singapore City

Been awhile since a burn for a sunset has happened. Glad I was around to catch it.

Canon 5d Mk 3 | Canon 17mm TS-E f4L | ISO 100 | f 11.0 | focal length 17mm (multiple exposure time blend with Haida 6 stop and 3 stop ND filters)

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FROZEN WAVE by BenoSaradzic

‘Frozen Wave’

Built in 1997, Jumeirah Beach Hotel was one of the first landmarks of Dubai and remains and architectural icon today. It resembles a dune and a crashing wave, all at once. It’s a remarkable building. It is 98 meters high and facing Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai’s first global landmark.
Photographed through the open door of Bell 412 helicopter. Shot with Canon 5DMk2 and Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II lens.
Processed with Photoshop CC 2015, NIK Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2 software.

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The Archer by tpoulton001

A life passion isn’t something that drops on you from the heavens or appears from thin air. Discovering your passion is a process of self-discovery and detective work. It requires stripping yourself bare and examining the “real you.” This is the you without limiting beliefs, old wounds, ego-based pursuits, and fear.

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.

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Absolute Magnitude by tpoulton001

Today’s world is a need-it-right-now world. Emails, text messages, and smartphones have made us much more accessible and our level of accountability much higher. The expectations for immediate attention are overwhelming and can negatively impact our creativity and patience; learning to master this difficult skill can increase creativity as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Exercising patience can also improve productivity because it creates a better, clearer state of mind, for wiser decision making.

Patience is becoming a lost art. We sometimes feel others becoming more impatient with us if we are not quick to answer or respond right away, combining immediacy and impatience to create an even bigger monster. However, most things worth having, take time to obtain – they take patience. Art cannot be rushed and patience cannot be lost if the picture is to be finished.

After a treacherous hike along the Hooker Valley to the base of Mt Cook we had to endure icy pathways, suspension bridges with snow as high as the railing with 100 metre falls to our death, -15 temperatures and snow loaded mountains causing avalanches at every turn. Once arriving at our destination and with conditions so incredible, we knew we had come away with amazing shots. As the sun set and the temperature plummets, that same path awaits in treacherous darkness. The desire to get moving is so overwhelming, a safety-based decision diced with going, or staying longer to wait for the ultimate conditions.

Confident in my abilities in the darkness, I waited just that little bit longer, not through bravery, just a desire to come away with something epic.

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The gate is open by GiuseppeTorre

Tower Bridge of London open.
There are only 90 seconds to catch the gate open, and my exposure was 90 seconds long…
The first rule: “to know your subject” is always true.

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Miniature Moments in a Big City by radovan77

New York State of Mind – An amazing panorama of the Sunrise Over the Lower Manhattan Skyline… This is a golden hour view taken from up on the Empire State Building.

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