Crescent Head.. by olegario

Went for a return trip to Crescent Head.. a quick process of a 3 shot panorama.. sooo tired even though i wasnt the driver…
it was nice to know that everyone had a great sunrise for the first weekend of 2016!

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Good morning – inception by colorkeung

The longer I look, the less real it is to me, it’s like she is tilting and sliding away, the whole picture is still moving…love it! Big thanks to actress/singer Janelle Sing to work with me on this.

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Miniature Moments in a Big City by radovan77

New York State of Mind – An amazing panorama of the Sunrise Over the Lower Manhattan Skyline… This is a golden hour view taken from up on the Empire State Building.

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Inside the TimeSpace by radovan77

Inside the New York TimeSpace Incubator… This is Fine Art interpretation of the east side Manhattan view with Chrysler building – an amazing Art Deco style skyscraper in New York City…

And timespace? An observer inside a black hole experiences the passage of time much differently than an outside observer. Imagine you want to investigate a black hole by shining a light towards it and measuring the time that elapses before the light is reflected back to you. Would you go back in time? If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Press “H” to view it on black backgound!

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