Mono Jucket by eyeofalens

Mono Junket

Junket=an extravagant trip or celebration, dish of sweetened and flavoured curds of milk.
This was my dessert when I thought it was all over.

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Light My Fire by eyeofalens

Light My Fire

Id have to say the evening I captured this amongst many was probably the highlight of my 2 week California trip.
When this all started up, hearing people up above me out of sight cheering, I couldnt help but smile. Often I’ve been in locations by myself & swearing or giggling like a little kid as the light go’s off, but hearing a whole load of people & many just watching not photographing was something to remember.
If I do ever return to Yosemite, ill certainly return to this little location I discovered hidden out of sight.

On a side note I should probably get my head checked based on how the shitty dynamic pulse punishes regular posters.Whats the point of it all?

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Gateway To Oasis, Mono Lake, California by PatrickMarsonOng

One of the oldest lakes in North America and a gateway to the Eastern Sierra – Mono Lake.

A giant salty basin! They say it’s twice as salty as the ocean. Learned that this lake was formed through time
where “salts and minerals have washed into the lake from the Eastern Sierra streams and as freshwater evaporates from the lake, it has has left the salts and minerals behind so the lake is now about 2 1/2 times as salty as the ocean and very alkaline.”

Located east of Yosemite, this gem is also famous for it’s sand tufa. These are unique formations that came from calcium carbonate deposits and can be found on the mouth of the lake.

Our second stop after Yosemite National Park. Mono Lake was supposed to be a 2 hour drive through the scenic Tioga Pass but the weather didn’t gave way. In order to reach this place, we had to take the looooong 6 hour drive around just to get there. Reached the lake pass sunset. Missed it. Good thing it was cloudless haha!

Next day sunrise was quite ok, well the clouds came later than we expected. Sad to see the water level of Mono basin was way way low. Not much rain this year i suppose. Anyway, we opted to be on the other side for sunset to get a different perspective. So far the clouds did not disappoint! So I hope you enjoy the view! Cheers guys!

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Yosemite Scale by eyeofalens

Yosemite Scale

Managed to capture these three hikers as they were hiking through the light rain ,with some of the walls of Yosemite standing guardian

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Exodus by AronCooperman

** Best When Viewed On Black”

A view of Half Dome’s less photographed east side. What makes this view really unique is how the setting sun will light up the eastern face of Half Dome… and as the sunsets off into the west the light slowly creeps up face until only the tip of Half Dome is highlighted. Then, its gone…

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