Say “No” to cats! by Wieselblitz

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Funny ear dog by Wieselblitz

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Without Words !! by Harry-Eggens

Male and female Red Deer.

Furthermore it’s all up to your own more or less dirty minds what to think of this smelling tongue………, lol!! 🙂

Shot taken in Park Jaegersborg close to Copenhagen in Denmark.

©Harry Eggens

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LOL :) by ipsen

The horses at Rocking Z Ranch, Montana, are cracking jokes and having fun! 😉
Have a nice weekend y’all!


Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10

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Devils tongue by myst1cal

The Alpstein Valley in Swiss Appenzell.
please watch that on a dark Background 🙂 otherwise you don’t see anything 🙂
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Trolltunga Love by kaizross

One time I was unhappy with the results I had in photo and there was a guy who said “how much better can it be – it’s perfect”. It made me think about me being very picky and why is that. I realized that there is a difference when you see other people’s work and your work. Basically you see the work for few seconds and you go: yeah nice. Me on the other hand have to look at this for hours and I know every pixel on it so after some time I can’t take it anymore and I have to change it so it’d be pleasing to me. This one shot here is one of them.

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Licks at Sunset by dogbreathphotography

This has been the Summer of sunsets. I’m telling ya, Ive seen more beauty painted across twilight skies over these past 3 months than I can ever remember seeing throughout the whole of my life. It’s been an amazing, amazing season. We’ve gotten the opportunity over here in Dog Breath land to meet, adventure with and love on more gorgeous dogs than I can count! I am so grateful for each and every moment that I was lucky enough to be able to spend under the Summer sun, running amuck and creating all kinds of perfect chaos with happy, bouncing four-leggers of all shapes and sizes by my side. As we wave goodbye to the purples and pinks of Summer – I’m looking forward to the golden oranges and fiery reds of Autumn. With a double booked Fall season coming right up, there are sure to be about a gazillion more absolutely stunning pups coming through your feeds and into your hearts. 🙂

This gorgeous, lick-happy girl right here is sweet Cassidy. Cassidy and her two perfect Pit Bull siblings absolutely rocked their recent session — one of my very favorite shoots of this past Summer! The colors in the sky that night almost brought me to my knees. As the sparkling colors of sunset danced in the air all around us, I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with happiness, joy and gratitude. Cassidy splashed and played in that golden water in front of me as I held my camera to my eye – only pausing for this one moment to look right at me and lick her sweet little snout – as if to say ‘hey lady. less camera. more treats.’ 😛

Farewell to you, gorgeous Summer. Let’s meet again next year, same time, same place! 🙂

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