The Magic Of The Moment by tpoulton001

While I like to think of myself as being inherently pragmatic in my approach to things philosophical, I would hate to consider a life wholly devoid of “magic.” I think that we could benefit from a child’s perspective, by acknowledging that there are things in our universe that are grand and wondrous, the mechanics of which we have little understanding.

Of such naiveté is the joy of watching a sunrise borne, unencumbered by the minutia of gravitational pull, atmospheric refraction, and the like. Certainly, we can ponder and attempt to explain the hows and whys of the experience, and would be remiss in our intellectual evolution if we were to ignore those factors.

It is the sense of wonder, beyond the details, that drives us to learn and grow. As we educate ourselves in the processes that form our experiences, we are driven to even greater wonder, and to higher levels of “magic,” which we may eventually analyze and quantify. The “magic” of the moment may be displaced, only to be replaced by yet another seemingly incomprehensible phenomenon.

Thankfully, we have the capacity to remember those wondrous nature of past events, even after we have grasped the science behind the magic. And hopefully, we are able to hold tight to that capacity for wonder as we touch the things in our future that so deeply touch *us.*

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